About Us

Ajanta Arts and Crafts is a social enterprise focussing on ensuring global fair trade since 1989. Although Arts and Crafts have evolved over millions of Civilizations, Indian Craftworks have never failed to awe the humankind. Commemorating to this, Ajanta arts and crafts is an ethnic outlet featuring a wide range of Indian Crafts and assists artisans across the country.
It is extremely challenging to quantify Indian art and handicrafts. Yet, we take pride in our specialized South Indian Wood and Metal Carving. On the verge of celebrating an unparalleled heritage, we also promote Rosewood Inlay Products.
Our immensely gifted and talented force of artisans and craftsmen sculpt or form absolutely graceful and divine marble statues and Brass statues to quench your spiritual thirst and to ensure divine presence around you.
Craftsmanship in India is incorporated with ease even in our items of furniture. Thus, Ajanta arts and crafts also cater to diverse furniture requirements of our customers with a blend of creativity along with a traditional touch.
Our ardent desire to present you with an undeniably unique selection of art and craft has assisted us to bring diverse Handcrafted collections of all forms from all over the Country. 
Indian craftspeople weave from myths to legends which the world aspires to know. In order to visibly encourage the hundreds and thousands of Indian artisans and to promote our culture and heritage amidst other countries, we export the best of our products across the world.
Thus, standing tall and proud in ethnic fostering of Indian tradition and craftsmanship, Ajanta Arts and crafts manages two outlets effectively at the Spencer Plaza and Mount Road.